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Availability of AP in High Schools

More schools participate in AP than ever before. Ten years ago, 17,374 schools participated in AP. In 2019, that number grew to 22,678.

Statewide AP Credit Policies

A record number of state higher education systems have adopted uniform policies on AP credit for exam scores of 3 or higher.

The number of states with an AP credit policy has more than doubled in recent years, from 14 in 2014 to 31 in 2019.

Institutions that grant credit for scores of 3 have grown 11% since 2015, and the number of policies for credit overall has grown 8%, with both trends largely attributable to state and system policies.

* Starred states have one or more systemwide AP credit policies.

Expanding Access for Low-Income Students

Every student—including those from low-income families—deserves the chance to benefit from the AP experience. Recent efforts by states, districts, and schools helped increase access to AP for students from low-income backgrounds.

* WI districts are required by law to cover the cost of AP Exams for low-income students.