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Engaged Students, Engaged Citizens

The College Board is proud to partner with several organizations that work to increase civic engagement among our young people.

When students take the lessons they’ve learned in their AP classrooms and apply them to real-world situations, they can make meaningful changes in their communities.

AP with WE Service

Service learning combines classroom learning with meaningful service to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.

In the AP with WE Service program, students engage in service learning activities to strengthen their understanding of AP course content and skills, using what they’re learning to tackle real-life social issues.

Service learning is the door from our classroom to the rest of the world. Through AP with WE Service, we become leaders and creators.

—Cynthia, student, AP Computer Science A

AP with WE Service Scholarship

The AP with WE Service Scholarship, made possible by The Allstate Foundation, was created to recognize students for the completion of their service learning projects for AP with WE Service and reward exceptional students who have made a positive impact on their local and global communities.

In 2020, we will award two $50,000 scholarships to either a student or a student group (to be split evenly among all members of that group).

Civics-Focused Learning Modules

Our modules give teachers a framework, lessons, and activities to incorporate service learning into their AP classroom and are available for use in all AP courses. Last year AP with WE Service partnered with Generation Citizen to develop two new modules for AP U.S. Government and Politics:

Program Highlights

Since 2017 over 10,000 students have participated in AP with WE Service.

  • 79% of students said AP with WE Service strengthened their sense of responsibility.
  • 71% of students said AP with WE Service deepened their understanding of AP course content.
  • 78% of students said AP with WE Service developed or improved their leadership skills.

National Constitution Center

The National Constitution Center (NCC) develops educational programs and online resources that inspire citizens and engage all Americans in learning about the U.S. Constitution.

The College Board is proud to be working with the NCC on two exciting new programs.

The National Constitution Center is thrilled to expand the reach and impact of our Classroom Exchanges program through the support of the College Board, so that all AP students around the country are prepared with knowledge, skills, and practice to engage in healthy civil dialogue. By empowering students and providing a platform for them to connect with students of different backgrounds and perspective, the Classroom Exchanges provide a real-life learning experience that cultivates the habits of an informed, engaged citizenry.

—National Constitution Center Chief Learning Officer Kerry Sautner

First Amendment Plan of Study

The First Amendment Plan of Study gives students a deep dive into the fundamental tenets that open the Bill of Rights—free speech, free press, religious freedom, and the rights of assembly and petition.

This open and interactive curriculum goes beyond constitutional history and delves into modern debates about the limits of speech, religious observance, and protest.

Classroom Exchange Program

We’re also helping promote NCC’s Classroom Exchanges program, which connects students from different parts of the country in a dialogue moderated by a constitutional expert.

With a federal judge or lawyer leading the way, students explore constitutional questions now driving real-life court cases and public debates.